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 Communities around the globe are plagued by barren droughts, fierce wildfires, extreme storms, withering harvests, and disastrous sea level rise. For decades, climate scientists have warned about these dangers resulting from fossil fuel-driven climbing global temperatures, and now the effects of the climate crisis are here. 

This Earth Day weekend, we're continuing our escalation arc to end fossil fuels with a concert and rally. 

This April 2024, we demand an end to fossil fuels.


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The era of fossil fuels is OVER.

Earth Day 2023

On Earth Day 2023, over 40 orgs came together to declare the end of the era of fossil fuels. A thousand people turned out and even hard rain could not stop us from taking to the streets to demand that decision-makers end the era of fossil fuels now for the future of people and the planet. It was the largest gathering of climate activists in D.C. in over a decade.

And that was just the beginning.

March to End Fossil Fuels

In September 2023, we joined tens of thousands of people at the NYC March to End Fossil Fuels to demand President Biden and those at the UN Climate Ambition Summit to take bold action to #EndFossilFuels

Concert to End Fossil Fuels

This April 2024, we're coming together for a Concert to End Fossil Fuels. Join us on Earth Day weekend for a concert and rally as we continue our fight to end the era of fossil fuels. Are you in?

We’re pushing for a rapid, just, and equitable phase-out of all fossil fuels. We’re fighting back against false solutions, greenwashing and unproven technologies that fail to address the root cause of the climate crisis.


We demand that giant oil, coal, and gas companies be held accountable and pay for the harm they have caused. Thousands of organizations across the U.S. are calling on President Biden to be the climate leader that he claims to be. We are mobilizing to hold Biden to his promises and make it clear that siding with Big Oil is a political liability.


Another world is possible! As we come together this April to build our movement with music, community and solidarity, we call on our decision-makers to end the era of fossil fuels.


We are fighting for a systemic change—and it can begin with you. There’s no time to waste. We are the heroes we’ve been waiting for.

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