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See you in the streets!


The era of fossil fuels is OVER.

Humanity is at a crossroads. Now is when we decide how we want to go on as a civilization. Will we create a livable, just, equitable future for everyone? Or will we let present and future generations live with chaos and destruction? The planet’s life supporting systems are disintegrating, and our environment needs to be restored.

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On Earth Day 2023, we declared the era of fossil fuels OVER.

Earth Day 2023

On Earth Day 2023, over 40 orgs came together to declare the end of the era of fossil fuels. A thousand people turned out and even hard rain could not stop us from taking to the streets to demand that decision-makers end the era of fossil fuels now for the future of people and the planet. It was the largest gathering of climate activists in D.C. in over a decade.

And that was just the beginning.

Fossil Fuel Fighter Hub

We're sticking together. We're building a hub for fossil fuel fighters around the capitol of the United States. We're starting neighborhood pods, coordinating actions, and helping more people plug in to the fight. Are you in?

March to End Fossil Fuels

This September, the UN Climate Ambition Summit in New York will gather world leaders to commit to phasing out fossil fuels. ​Thousands of us from across the US will take to the streets of New York on September 17th to demand President Biden and those at the summit take bold action to #EndFossilFuels.

Come with us.


Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment

Our biggest challenge is ending our reliance on fossil fuels and transitioning to renewable energy. To secure a livable future, we cannot afford new fossil fuel projects. We need the U.S. government in particular to say NO to fossil fuels. Our planet is on fire, and we can’t feed this fire any longer. 

We come from all different backgrounds, fighting for a huge variety of intersecting causes. From plastics and biodiversity, to housing, anti-war, immigrant rights and gender and racial equality—our crises are interconnected, and our movement is stronger together.


To make the biggest difference, we need not just individual actions, but system change like we’ve never seen before. 

We come together, fighting for climate justice and real change from decision-makers. We are demanding the federal government and other decision-makers end the era of fossil fuels to protect people and the planet.


2023 will be the most critical year yet for action on climate. It will be one of our last chances to mitigate the interlocking crises we face. We are fighting for a systemic change—and it can begin with you. There’s no time to waste. Are you in?

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