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Neighborhood Pods

This past Earth Day, we came together. Across generations, across organizations, across spaces, across all different backgrounds and livelihoods, we came together to demand an end to the era of fossil fuels. As our Earth Day movement moves out it is time to decide what we will do next to protect our futures and uplift our communities.


It is much easier to mobilize for large actions when we have small groups of committed people across local areas. So, we are starting Neighborhood Pods! Starting throughout the DMV, we will be gathering in groups via neighborhoods, schools, and communities to feed into the larger climate movement. Local pods can come together with other pods for larger climate protests, because it’s time to rebuild the foundations of this movement and come out stronger than ever. 

What are they for?

It’s more efficient (and more fun!) to work with a group in activism. Neighborhood pods are designed to connect youth activists in the DMV area to attend events, from neighborhood trash pickups to rallies in DC. Through these pods, the activists in each pod can communicate about local events, strengthen the movement and build community. We will also need adult supporters! 

What can each pod do together? 

  • Have picnics, hikes or other in-person get-togethers to build community 

  • Encourage young people through schools & clubs to join the larger movement

  • Attend local events as a group that align with the neighborhood pod’s values

  • Advocate for local issues and problems people want to solve

  • Come together for larger climate protests with other pods and organizations 

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Join the movement

Pods communicate via WhatsApp chats. Join the main Neighborhood Pods Announcments chat here. From there, you'll be able to view the list of chats for each specific pod. To keep the chats safe, an administrator will have to approve your request. 

Active Neighborhood Pods to join

Fairfax Pod

Montgomery County Pod

Falls Church / Vienna Pod

If you join a chat and nobody approves your request within a few days or you encounter technical difficulties, you can email

Not a local pod in your area?

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